"What do you get when you cross
Marcel Marceau with Anna Pavlova?
Answer: Karen Montanaro."

- The Aragon Herald, Spain

Maine Arts Commission Fellowship

Last year, Karen was awarded a 2008 Individual Artist Fellowship Grant through the Maine Arts Commission!

"The Maine Arts Commission is enormously pleased to honor Karen Montanaro with the 2008 Individual Artist Fellowship award. Our distinguished panel of judges was impressed with Karen's phenomenal technique and control but most importantly they recognized that Karen has fused her prodigious skill in both mime and dance into a new art form, using the body as a descriptive tool - painterly, narrative and lyrical."
-Donna McNeil, Assistant Director of the Maine Arts Commission

Read about the awards in MaineToday.

sculpture by Dennis Dreher
photo by Donald Verger

The Maine Arts Commission Fellowship awards are the highlight of the agency's granting calendar. Celebrating Maine artists of all disciplines and from every part of the state, these awards are granted on the basis of one criterion: artistic excellence.

For her application, Karen submitted footage of her epic new mimedance, "The Struggle to Be," a collaborative project with sculptor Dennis Dreher.
There is a short clip of the new work online: click here to view.

sculpture by Dennis Dreher
photo by Donald Verger

Press Coverage:

Rumford Falls Times Article
"A Dance to Touch the Soul"
October 4th, 2007

photo by Donald Verger